Rari Nantes Savona, an Italian water polo society with headquarter in Savona, is founded in 1948 as “Amatori Nuoto Savona”. From 1981 militates in the highest Italian championship
(Serie A1) and in his prize list boasts three “Coppa Italia” and three “Coppe LEN”.The team plays in the communal pool “Carlo Zanelli” in Savona and has as social colors the white and the red, tonalites contained in the city crest.



Rari Nantes Savona is born in the far 1948, on the initiative of an enthusiast group, guided by President Mario Caviglione. Just to give the measure of what it meant in those times to practice swimming and water polo, just think that pools didn’t exist and all the activity was done in the sea.


In Albissola Marina is built an uncovered 25 meters pool and the water polo team can start to participate in the minor series championships.


Starting this year, the club realized the importance of an organized juvenile division and decided to make it; young people are the basis of everything and the hopes for future success can only be placed in them.


Players that will become part of the most recent history of the club start to succeed; like Claudio Mistrangelo, that as a coach, will gift to Rari, in the following years, the most beautiful successes..


Rari Nantes Savona got the promotion from Serie D to Serie C and two years laters the passage to Serie B.


Promotion to Serie A finally arrives and with it the proclamation of its coach, Claudio Mistrangelo, the main architect of this success, as “1st Italian Technician”, a satisfaction that will repeat 3 more times.


Ranking 2nd in the Serie A championship, the club acquired the possibility to represent Italy in the Coppa delle Coppe.


The long-awaited pool is inaugurated in Savona Corso Colombo, and the team immediately celebrated the event conquering the 3rd place in the championship.


That’s the year of the turning point: Giuseppe Gervasio is elected President, entrepreneur in the energy branch, which transforms Rari Nantes, giving it a more dynamic and organized imprinting.


With the arrival of Manuel Estiarte and Massimiliano Ferretti, the golden era of Rari Nantes Savona begins.


1990: 2nd place Serie A1 Championship, 1st place Coppa Italia. 1991: 1st place Serie A1 Championship, 1st place Coppa Italia. 1992: 1st place Serie A1 Championship, 2nd place Coppa dei Campioni. 1993: 2st place Seria A1 Championship, 1st place Coppa Italia.


That’s the year that marks a profound change both in the club management and under the technical profile. The work must be done to reconstruct a positive cycle pointing to the youngs, with the firm conviction of starting once again, like 10 years ago, from the famous kids group that beginning from Giochi della Gioventù 1979 have gotten the title.


On this thought basis, the idea of a Savonese water polo school gets to life.“La Pallanuoto e i Giovani” and “Stage Estivi” are two initiatives that will support this project during the years, growing in success and staying participants crowded.

Dal 1995 al 2003

Rari Nantes Savona stabilises between the 4th and the 5th place in the standings, in the while a juvenile cycle is opened which culminates with 5 consecutive titles conquered by the junior team, that by doing so gets in the history. Nobody in Italy ever did better.


Another year to frame. Rari Nantes scores its third Title, but most importantly conquers the Coppa Len, the first European trophy to enter into the red and white wall.


After 5 years of exile in the pool of Luceto Albisola Superiore, the club makes its big comeback to the renewed Olympic pool in Savona Corso Colombo, entitled to the former Major Carlo Zanelli.

2011 – 2012

The return home of Rari brings two important victories on the international stage. For two consecutive years, in 2011 and 2012, the white and red team wins the Len Euro Cup, the European competition comparable to the Euro League in football. Rari, therefore, regains the top spot in Europe, nurturing young talents.

2013 – 2014

During the 2013/2014 season Alberto Angelini becomes the coach of the 1st team, fresh as winner of the “Allievi” title. He will start the turn that will bring Rari to the summit of italian and international water polo again.

2011 - 2017

Rari youth sector confirms as the first water polo school in Italy of all the categories. The red and white team had access to the final stage and conquer 1 Junior Title in 2012, 1 Students Title in 2013,2 Newcomers Regional Titles in 2014 and 2015, 1 Boys Title, and 1 Newcomers Regional Title in 2017. Moreover, very young get space by getting 2 editions of the international festival “Haba Waba” in 2011 and 2013

2018 - 2020

Rari Nantes Savona confirms itself as always between the first clubs in Italy, conquering the Play-Off access with the 1st Team, and becoming more and more of a reference for young people that want to play water polo at a high level.

2020 - 2021

Rari concludes the championship in 3rd place and after 12 years reconquests the right to participate in the Champions League. Precisely, is the “Zanelli” pool in Savona that hosts the valuable effort for the Qualification Rounds, which the Savonese team wins brilliantly. The path in Europe just began.


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